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April 2010

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i luv rien normal

judeinfrench in tefl_in_france


Hey all.

I was wondering if anyone else has been feeling the after effects of the world-wide credit cruch?

A lot of my classes are in banks and other financial institutions, so we're worried about how long we'll be able to carry on with them. The companies are asking for less classes and lowering the number of orders. For example, they tend to stick to the 20 hours required by the DIF instead of giving their employees 30 hours as they would have before. And only people who use English in their job are being offered the classes.

Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

Also, I'm on a French CDII contract, meaning I get paid per hour I work and not a fixed wage. However, there are people on fixed UK contracts in the same company. They are paid a fixed wage each month, so the company has to keep their hours up to warrant paying them. So the ones who lose classes are the ones on CDII, like me, because they don't have to give us more than 9 hours a week. It's in our contract.

Anyone else got similar worries?


would you mind me asking which company? i haven't gotten my tefl certification yet, as i'm a senior in college. if i don't get the fulbright i applied for, i think tefla is my second alternative. the fulbright for which i applied is the english teaching assistantship to belgium, hopefully to teach english in bruxelles or wallonie (because i don't speak a word of neerlandais, mais je parle presqu'au courant le francais). anyway, knowing any good company(ies) to apply for afterward would be very helpful.
I work for a company called Business and Technical Languages which is based on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. It's a really good company and I'm really happy there.
merci beaucoup! t'es trop gentil.