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April 2010

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eslteachertim in tefl_in_france

Teaching adults in France

Hi there,
my first post to your site - kudos on the design.
I've been teaching now for three plus years and was wondering, if I came to France, is there much opportunity for teaching English to young/adults?  Personally I would have thought it would mainly be to children up to college age and maybe some business courses for international companies.
The reason I ask, I taught kids in Greece, kids in China for a year, and for the last year and a half I've successfully migrated to teachin adults... and to tell the truth I don't want to go back!  I love kids, but I teach with energy... and I find that my energy runs low after kids class.
I would love to experience France for a long space of time, not just the usual 2 weeks vacation... can anyone give me any suggestions?
Thanks in advance


Hello! I'm an EFL teacher in Korea, and while I haven't had experience in France, I am looking to work there at the end of the year (probably on a student visa)

From what I've researched, business English is the most popular EFL job in France. You need a special certification to work with young children in France, and from what I understand, it takes a while to acquire. So, you're good to go with teaching adults! Where are you from, btw?
Thanks for the info Colonel sir!
I'm from England... the not so sunny city of Sheffield.
Business English - I've done a lot of it, but don't really enjoy it... unless my learners want to learn, not 'have to learn to get more money'.
'Having' to learn can be motivation enough, but I find that most people in Chinese business classes are only doing it because it's a part of their contract.
lol, not a colonel of course. or a sir ;)

If you're British that's a different matter. Since you're an EU citizen, I'm sure there's plenty of opportunities open for you (maybe even a college position, although don't quote me on that.)

Excellent advice, thank you very much.
Now, I've been away from England for 3years, so tell me, is 30euros a good price for tutoring?
Aiya... I'm so out of the European loop living here in China, lol.
Does anybody have experience of working in Paris? Is it as romantic as they say, or just another capital like all the rest?
You've just reminded me as well, I'll need to brush up on my French if I teach there!!
When I lived in Paris I saw a lot of "Wall Street English" signs on the Metro, so I googled it and came up with this.


Hope that helps a bit.